Dark Souls: Remastered released early on Steam and is already being hacked

The toughest enemies in Dark Souls are not the bosses, but rather the hackers and trolls that try and ruin the fun for everyone.

Say ‘halo’ to the first F1 2018 gameplay video

Charles Leclerc speeds around Monaco and has to deal with... a halo.

Resident Evil VII will be a cloud-based monstrosity on the Switch

Streaming a game on the Switch might be the biggest scare yet.

Here’s some official Rage 2 gameplay for you

This gameplay video might just get your attention...

Video: Rage 2 reveal video looks angry

Leaking videos is all the rage ahead of E3.

Bungie reveals the Destiny 2: Warmind Launch Trailer, and it might get you excited for it

Pre-download is going live later this afternoon, and hopefully you will be able to play it tonight.

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