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It only takes a walk down a street to see how many people live with their ears covered. We block out the world around us so that we can focus on connecting with people on the other side of a screen possible hundreds of kilometres away. Without dwelling on the irony of that, lets take a look at the Evo Zx from Creative Sound Blaster.

On the PC

With the microphone built into the right earcup there is no physical way to move the microphone towards you for soft-spoken people or away from your mouth if you need to talk to someone else quickly. It also means all sensitivity is controlled by Windows, unless you are pretty good at modulating your volume. With no mute button on the headset, you might give your friends a nice earful when you sneeze and can’t get to the control panel on your PC in time. If your PC has a sound card you won’t get its full benefit as the headset’s built-in SB AXX1 chip will override it.  Having the cable connect on the right ear-cup was also a bother, as my PC is to my left.

On the go

Though the Evo Zx is not really built with a PC in mind. Its true strength is in mobile. The Evo is a sturdily built, foldable headset in stylish black and red trim, meaning it will survive travelling with you without making you look like an idiot. (Disclaimer: People with headsets on in public have a high chance of looking like idiots.)



By tapping the headset on any NFC device, you are paired and ready to enjoy phone calls and your favourite music. The dual microphone setup does a great job of cleaning up the audio for voice calls or Skype chats, and further tweaks to your sound quality can be achieved by using the companion app. The app also includes an equaliser and audio enhancements. The headset is comfortable and blocks out a fair amount of the noise around you, and the battieries last up to eight hours, meaning they should last you through the day. If not, charge them from a nearby PC via USB cable. You can also answer and end calls and choose the next song in your playlist without having to touch your device.

[toggle_simple title=”What is in the box” width=”Width of toggle box”] Besides the headset, the packaging includes a 1.8m long USB to micro-USB cable, a 1.2m 4-pin analog cable and carrying pouch. [/toggle_simple]

At the price, the deciding factor for this headset is how often you use NFC and bluetooth to connect to your devices. At 3K, the exclusion of a Bluetooth dongle for PC is puzzling, even if the virtual surround sound only works when connected by USB, it would be a nice option to have available.


  • Comfortable. Solid construction. Folding design. Bluetooth and NFC.


  • Expensive. Sound quality could be better. Needs USB connection for virtual 5.1.


Value - 6
Performance - 7
Features - 8
If it has the letters RPG in it, I am there. Still battling with balancing trying to play every single game that grabs my interest, getting 100% in a JRPG, and devoting time to my second home in Azeroth.

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