Which anime genre do you tend to watch the most?

  1. Gouko_Tenrou
    Decided to make this thread to find out the different genre's that we all prefer. For personally, I tend to watch a lot of supernatural and ecchi based anime, but that's because I'm pervy
  2. DarkPrince
  3. Gouko_Tenrou
    @DarkPrince, are you being serious or are you trolling? Gotta ask to be sure
  4. nucleous
    Mostly I watch random anime or action based anime.
    Most anime of 2013 thus far sucks, so not watched much of late.
  5. Gouko_Tenrou
    Finally, someone posted. Been trying to get this club chatting
  6. Demonic9ight
    Horror, gotta love them scary ones
  7. Soul_Reaper_SKN
    @Goukuo_Tenrou you the new pervy sage lol
  8. Gouko_Tenrou
    Yes, I the pervy sage
  9. Craizy Daizy
    Craizy Daizy
    Like Anime that is gruesome and horror, but do also enjoy a good Hentai and decent romance anime, some sport anime is interesting and analyzing anime like Log Horizon and Code Geass. But mostly Hentai
  10. Dutch84 RSA
    Dutch84 RSA
    I really enjoy those RPG types, specifically loved SAO..the episode when Kirito shows off his dual wielding abilities..EPIC!!
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