Game Pass

MY wanted Feb games are both not on GP :( Helldivers and Pacific drive
As of 22 February, Dead Island 2 is on Game Pass.

Time to kill some zombies.

I am so impressed and excited by Path of The Goddess. A break from the norm, and looks like a fun pretty blend of strategy and slice and dice.

Hope its not too near AVOWED
I got Ubi+ and am playing Avatar, it is an excellent game thus far. I will keep Ubi+ for two months and binge the games on it.
Yeah U+ has a fantastic collection, trying to get through my Ubisoft backlog. Will hopefully 100% AC Odyssey this week after almost 2 months.
Remedy's excellent third-person action-adventure game Control joins Xbox Game Pass today with the Ultimate Edition, which includes two DLC packs.


I absolutely adored Control. Time to give the DLC a bash :)

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