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I remember we had a phone fixed on the wall, or on a table with a cable. When it rang, someone would pick up without knowing who was calling. When you went out, no one could get hold of you until you came back home and got a message to call them. Even more crazy, almost nobody had a camera on them, and pics were generally a special occasion, well remembered.

And things got done. Madness! Alien world.
A possible earthquake might have occurred near Cape Town, Western Cape, in the afternoon of Wednesday, Mar 27, 2024 at around 5.39 pm local time (GMT +2). Details of the quake (if it is one) are so far unkown until confirmed by a seismic agency, but the event was reported felt. We will update the status of the event on this page as soon as more information becomes available.

It was FUCKING loud.
Sup my peeps i thought this site got shut down was trying to get into it for the last few days
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