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X-Sense smart safety alarm

Whats great about the system is that all the alarms link directly to each other. If one alarm is triggered, they all trigger. The base station is so that they can connect to internet/cloud and for app access. This means if an alarm is triggered, if base station is connected, I will get notificaiton to phone. All alarms run off batteries as well. After 10 years, you throw away and replace the alarm as they sensors only have 10 years life.

Base station with smoke alarms (have 5 smoke alarms)

Carbon monoxide alarm for kitchen (due to gas stove)

Heat alarm for kitchen (preferred over smoke alarms due to false alarms when cooking)

Combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm (upstairs where gas boiler is)
For calibration of audio setup?

Yes, super useful device (if you're into that sort of thing). I have the decade old original, so thought before recalibrating my setup I should get a fresh, updated model.

You use it with a free program called "Room EQ Wizard" (REW) to take all sorts of useful measurements, and of course, EQ.
Wacom Intuos drawing tablet

Drawing tablet so I can whiteboard things on PC because at times I need to explain to team but being remote and WFH, it's difficult to get an idea or point across without pictures

Must say, it takes some getting used to as you write on the tablet with the pen, but you look at your PC screen.

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