Today's high and lows

High: Holidays coming up, leaving for Greece on Friday. I made a New Years resolution to travel more and I've been sticking to it. Already been to Iceland, Finland and France and later in the year Spain, Netherlands, USA and England.

Low: Weather in Copenhagen has been really poor this summer, pretty much constant rain. Hoping things turn around by the time we're back, it's not uncommon to get a good August.
The last time I was in Greece they still used the Drachma, we could also still smoke on the airplanes.

Enjoy your trip.
One of my fondest memories from my days as a smoker was my gap year flight to the UK. Bought a carton of Camels on the plane and sat there smoking my endless supply over the long flight.

High: looks like you will be skipping most of that weather!
Look at that, rain all of next week! Ai, we live in hope things will improve.
High: Nice and warm weather coming up.

Low: Been super busy at work, haven't been able to game much at all.
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