Welcome back post

Randomly came across this today didn't know we were back.

So happy that we have this again even if we have to start fresh, there were some good Friday afternoon posts to go back to before but I'm sure new hilarious threads will be created.

Just wanted to say hi to all
Wassup gamers. Wow i picked up on MyBB forum that the forum is back. Kudos to everyone involved in creating it - looks fresh & like all new things, I need to keep myself fresh too:
This is Demented! Previously
Now i go by Anelist.

Wow , happy to see familiar peeps. 🙏
Guys! Welcome back, what had happened some please educate me? This place did a lot for me met some fantastic humans on here.
Woop woop! So glad this is back up! Sad I needed to re-register, but so glad it's back! :cool:
Wow. found this by accident. Does our old log ins not work as i tried, but had to sign up again, but I see familiar name here though.
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