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Aug 1, 2023
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So, with Xbox fixing all the call of duty servers and xbox one and 360 players flocking back to those games anyone playing xbox 360 again?

I moved my xbox one aside and playing some xbox 360 and was quite shocked to see Blur online is also working and people playing on the xbox 360.
I haven't played XB360 in many years. I did give it a good cleanout about 1 1/2 years ago, changed the thermal paste, and I want to connect up Guitar Hero and jam that.

The only other thing relating to XB360 is that I continued and completed Dead Space 2 which I started back in 2011 or so on XB360, but that was via backwards compatibility in May 2021. I was just surprised I could just carry on playing even though the last save was in 2012. Even got some chievos (as below) :)

must fire up BF bad company, used to love to play online, maybe some original MW as well,
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