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Thread: MWEB ADSL international connectivity problems

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    Default MWEB ADSL international connectivity problems


    Numerous MWEB users are experiencing international connectivity issues, caused by Seacom downtime

    Numerous MWEB ADSL subscribers have reported international connectivity problems tonight (11 September 2012), ranging from slow website surfing to complete international downtime.

    Comments like “International just bombed on me” and “International extremely slow, and from Cape Town it should go direct via SAT-3. Tracert shows very high packet loss, and latency 50% above normal,” started to appear on the MyBroadband forums shortly before 21:00.

    MyBroadband’s own tests on MWEB also showed problems with international connectivity.

    MWEB said that both their Seacom links were offline and that they were on failover to WACS. ”We have enough capacity on WACS to keep you up and running, but obviously the p2p guys will feel the pinch a bit in the interim,” said MWEB on its social media channels.

    “Our engineers are busy investigating right now and we will update you accordingly once we have the full story,” said MWEB.
    Well that explains a lot from what I experienced last night!

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    This could also be the reason why i keep getting kicked out of PSN... although my PC was connected to the internetz no problem

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