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Thread: Official VITA discussion thread or something!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buffel View Post
    Atlus USA are the publishers of Caligula Effect, not the developers.
    Did not mean that.... I actually meant this:

    "The Caligula Effect was developed by Aquria and published by FuRyu. It was directed by Takuya Yamanaka, with character designs by Oguchi. It was written by Tadashi Satomi, who had previously worked on the first three games in the Persona series – Revelations: Persona, Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. "

    So not P4, but P and P2. This has nothing to do with the publisher.

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    Dunno if anyone picked it up but I see Catherine is getting a Vita port. Such an ideal handheld game. Amped to play it again after so many years.

    I really wish the Vita became the place for older PS3 games. Don't need original games, but portable PS3? Yes please!

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    The PSP was really a PS2 in portable mode. The PSV was not close to being a PS3 in portable mode. Looking at what the Switch is now vs the previews 2 portable sony consoles people have been looking for the home console experience on the go. The Switch is not the first system to do it however but Nintendo managed to stick home with the right amount of extra technology in their controllers. The joy-cons are actually more impressive than most people would realize.

    Still, I don't see Sony pursuing the Switch because the only way you will the system portable enough and playing next gen games is by having consumers buy a m.2 drive either as sata6gb or as nvme.

    Oh right I was gonna complain that the PSP can play some PSX classic titles but I cannot play those games on my PSVita ~,..,~
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