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Thread: Resident Evil HD Remaster - Important Information On Difficulty Settings

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    Default Resident Evil HD Remaster - Important Information On Difficulty Settings

    This was posted by user "Moopy" on gamefaqs:

    So, in the Gamecube version of the remake if you started a new game you were presented with this screen.

    This is pretty easy to grasp, Mountain Climbing is the harder option, while Hiking is the easier one.

    After beating the game you unlocked hard mode and the difficulty screen looked like this.

    This made clear that Mountain Climbing was normal difficulty and Hiking was easy.

    Now in the REmaster version they added one little thing...very easy mode for literal babies. Zombies in that mode go down from like 1-2 handgun shots. Not much fun.

    But it's optional so where's the problem you ask?

    Well, with the new choice the difficulty selection on a new game now looks like this.

    If you've never played the game before it's easy to mistake these choices as hard, normal and easy, when they're actually normal, easy and very easy. As you can see in this let's play for example. She wants to play in normal mode...and picks easy without knowing.


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