So i discovered a very peculiar problem with my 3DS, i started a new play through of pokemon heartgold and everything worked great till i saved and tried playing again...
It runs perfect till the title screen then suddenly it gives me the following error message

"A communication error has occurred.

You will be returned to the title screen.
Please press the A button."

on trying to go in again it gives the same messages so i cannot continue,
so i decided to reset the cartridge and everything worked fine again till i saved and tried to continue the game and again same error message appeared.
After that i used the same game in my DS and DSI and it works perfectly
So after a lot of research with help from my friend google i discovered what the problem is.
Seems the DS part of my WIFI is screwed, as i can setup a WPA2-PSK connection without any problem but the moment i try and setup a WEP connection the whole console freezes up and i have to force shutdown the console.
Also it seems from heartgold/soulsilver to black/white 2 the games does a check on the DS WIFI hardware causing the error

Does anyone how to fix this issue or where i can find a replacement part ?