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So the DS and 3DS worked well with carts because non of them went over 4GB in size. However when you start racking up 16gb, 32gb, 64gb it becomes a cost nightmare. Pressing a bluray is like 50c, nand flash is a good deal more.

It would make absolute sense if the next Nintendo handheld or rather a successor to the switch would be digital only. But then it would also mean going with proper nvme storage and not ****ty SD cards with its low transfers etc. I wouldnt expect Nintendo to pull a Sony and have your drive need to read and write at 5gb/s.

I'll tear down what I want from the next Switch or next gen system.

Firstly, I want it to maintain its Switch form fact and feature. A hybrid console able to travel with you and be docked when your at home.

On the tech side a minimum of 8GB ram with a very light OS footprint. No video capture or streaming to take up additional memory. Leave 7GB for the games. If an nvidia chip is used something with newer technology that can hopefully perform the same as a PS4 or PS4 pro with the ability to deliver 1080p60fps. 4 Cores might still be enough for games but maybe up it to 8 for other functions.

If we retain that 7" OLED screen maybe it should be natively 1080p. Have the system have 2 separate storage modules, 1 for the OS so a 4/8GB nand chip dedicated just to that and then have 64gb or more for a game or 2 with an open m.2 slot for an nvme drive.

Maybe the SteamDeck will take over that market section.
The only thing I disagree on is a 1080p OLED. I'm fine with 720p. There's a reason Steam Deck kept a mostly-720p screen. Just make sure all games are native resolution with stable frame rates and I'll be very happy.