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Thread: Nintendo Switch Reveal

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    Quote Originally Posted by StarBound View Post
    I'm also thinking the only way the Switch or a console like the switch will be able to do 4k is with dlss upscaling. But you will see all the problems that comes with it like the shimmering and reconstruction artifacting. All you need to do is run past a mesh fence. Still I would rather take dlss over any other type of AA in my games.

    DLSS 2.0 is a lot better in that regard than 1.0. I'm playing Death Stranding on a 2060 on ultra@1440p with dlss upscaling and it looks and runs phenomenal. I don't really see any shimmering or artifacting. But maybe it's worse on something like Control that has a lot of indoor environments. AI upscaling is the future, no doubt about it.

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    I was referring to DLSS 2.0. The original DLSS was aimed to make your game run at 60fps, nothing more. It also blurred the game. I played Metro with it and it wasn't on for more than a minute until I turned it off. Control I only experienced DLSS 2.0 as I got it when it released on Steam.

    At 1440p ultrwide I still use the quality upscale on all my games.

    A native 1080p image should have enough information for dlss to work with so its important for the system to hit that resolution. If the handheld mode has a 720p or 1080p then the screen should be easy enough to hit without dlss.

    But again what I want to see is 60fps at native resolution on the system itself and atleast 1080p on TV.
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