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Thread: [PS4] My Destiny Refer-a-friend quest - get some swag

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    Default [PS4] My Destiny Refer-a-friend quest - get some swag

    I am a trophy whore and completionist on Destiny and I have never managed to get the refer-a-friend-quest.

    So if you know anyone wanting to buy Destiny, please ask them to click this link: - this will start a quest for both of us and there is some extra exclusive swag (emojiis, sword, sparrow etc) which you will normally not get.

    I am more than happy to help any kinderguardian with quests / strikes etc - just drop me a friend-request.

    For all the new-comers - some "pro"-tips:
    - Join to plan raids, strikes and other events - this works much better than LFG:
    - Use DestinyCheckList to monitor progress:
    - Use DestinyPublicEvents for public events (most accurate tracker I found) (you need to be in the patrol-zone with at least +1min on the counter. Events spawn then up to -6min - this works 100% in Plaguelands).
    - Use DestinyLFG for adhoc games -
    - Install DIM (you don't know what you are missing) -

    If you are not on light-level 400 and want to get there - read this:

    There are a number of quick ways to farm exotics with three of coins:
    - "Secret knight on Dreadnaught" - takes about 2 min
    - "Iron Tomb" - 3 chances there

    With a little bit more effort (i.e. you need to party up with 2 more people) you could farm prison of elders challenge mode - but it will take about 10 min per boss.
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