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Thread: Google + Local Guides

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    One or two of the photos I added to Google Maps seems to be getting a lot of views, I think it might be a traffic department photo and a gym photo. I'm also not sure how legit these numbers are, I mean are people actually viewing the photo itself or are the just looking up the name of the place? The details are vague, but I'm curious to know more.


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    I am also a level 3 on this. I visit the advertisers community forum , which is more about google my business listings , but those guys are so adamant to provide you with answers .... this leaves me with a question. What are they getting out of it ? Anybody know of any benefits ( besides ones on the google + platform). Something you could make use of in say a personal website ?kis

    Nykfist : i would demand some kind of payment for giving that kind of online exposure lol

    ps ( i have some photos you should share hahahaha)
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