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    Your gear doesn't matter. Enemy health scales with the current gear you have equipped and not difficulty. Holy ****.

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    So it has just been a day shy of three weeks, and having finished the story campaign, and reached power level 490, done all the current list of available "raids" in the form of Strong Holds, tested various different storm builds, I have personally come to the following conclusion.

    Anthem is an incredibly beautiful game, with some decent gun play, lovely scenery, some insanely action packed combat, especially with Storm, and the flight feels amazing.

    The game definitely lacks in the story aspect in a major way, and I found myself mostly skipping through all the mindless dialogue about 65% into the story mode campaign, though this did not entirely break the experience for me.

    The hub experience feels rather shallow after the first two weeks... you spawn in, pick up quests, talk to the same NPC's, or if you've finished the campaign, just pick up 2-3 new missions, and then set out again, rinse and repeat mostly the same mission types over and over again.

    Freeplay has it's up side, as you can explore the world at your own pace, do some gathering, though I haven't really found much need for the stuff I've gathered over the past 3 weeks, so this task seems mostly mundane to say the least. You might stumble upon a few loot chests, and maybe get a few masterwork items if you have already reached level cap, maybe even fight a titan, or do some random world encounter bandit camp clears for another chest reward, but that's pretty much that.

    Sure, it feels awesome to see the massive boost in armor and shields you get once you start picking up those masterworked items, nice shiny golden drops... all which can be acquired easily within a few hours of hitting 30. The weapons mostly all look and feel more or less the same, with very little variation, and the Masterworked weapons are mostly reskins with a few minor tweaks here and there. It took me no more than 4 hours to get all 6/6 of my Storm components, a large amount of Q and E skills, and my shield masterworked, and my weapons were masterworked pretty much a few minutes after I hit level cap.

    I figured I would keep pushing Grandmaster 1, and I started becoming nauseous at the amount of purple gear that would not stop dropping, which is now completely useless since the crafting system offers the player basically nothing of value, not even to mention the BLUE, GREEN, and WHITE stuff... I mean this went on where bosses on Grandmaster 2 would drop a green uncommon, and a white common item, after battling them for nearly 15 minutes, and that was basically that... 15 minutes for a green, and a white item...

    I end up sharding basically everything I loot, because anything below Masterwork automatically becomes completely useless and unattractive to the player, and the crafting system feels like a massive afterthought that was just thrown in as an extra with absolutely no real purpose, at least not for the moment.

    The down system is stupid in general, and even Bioware have mentioned that they do not like the current down system. I have been in teams that have gone on to fight for over 10 minutes without getting me back up, basically just having to sit there until the encounter was eventually over, simply because there is no timer, and no one bothered to try and repair me. The ultimates feel absolutely useless at the higher difficulties like Grandmaster 2, and Yellow enemies, especially the big, and medium sized mechs feel like absolute juggernaut bullet sponges, some fights taking well over 15 minutes to finish, with ultimates doing roughly 2-3% damage to them, and this is simply not fun.

    I decided to not play for a few days to see if another patch would drop to address some of the annoying issues, like the audio suddenly disappearing, requiring a reboot, or spawning in without a head, rubber banding, enemies getting stuck with full HP, or vanishing with half HP left, chests despawning when you are two feet away from it, and you change area, yet all still present since day 1 of launch, and most were present in the Beta as well.

    The endgame is an absolutely joke at the moment, and there is honestly nothing that is currently pulling me back into Anthem to invest more of my time into it. Grandmaster 3? Why? So I can spend 35 minutes killing an uber mech bullet spongue, who also still drops white and green loot? Each Javelin needs a ton more variation, and the ultimates get incredibly boring after a few weeks, especially when they do less than 3% damage to something... that doesn't really scream ULTIMATE!!! more just like "That other thing that does less dps than my pewpew, but takes 30x longer to charge... (Seriously, you can rifle spam for the duration it takes your ult to charge, and do roughly 4x as much damage as the ultimate does on one of those giant mech bullet sponges)

    The amount of Javelins available feels fine, since you have your mage class, your assassin, tank, and bruser, but giving the javelins a much more in depth upgrade build path would have made for a much deeper, and more versatile experience. Let me spec full Fire storm Q/E with Fire dot damage, and a flaming tornado, or a full on Frost build with Icicles, Snow balls or ice shards, and an avalanche as an ultimate, I mean there are so many creative choices that they can add to this to create a deeper build system, and diversity.

    The weapon, and damage scaling feels completely off, and not to mention the current bug where you can kill enemies faster with your base starter white common gun than with a masterworked level 45 rifle. Bug? Sure, but it just adds to a massive list of things that no one apparently even thought it worth looking into in the 6 years of development.

    Anthem as it is now, is still a very beautiful game, that might give you a couple of fun hours of gameplay, maybe even a week or two, but in it's current state, players will play it for a few days, finish the very shallow campaign, probably put it down, and not bother with it again, at least not until they deliver the ambitious game that they probably wanted to make 6 years ago, but this definitely is not that, at least not yet.
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    I play Colossus with my mates, so happy for these changes. If they all happen on the 12th

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