So I saw this game was up for pre-order on PSN and downloaded the demo. I remember Transworld Surf on the original XBox being really fun, so I was hoping this would be something equally good, maybe building on what that game accomplished and with better graphics etc.

So the demo didn't really impress me as much as I had hoped it would. There's one break to surf in the demo, Jeffrey's Bay, and one mode to try in which you have to rack up points... a very limited demo.

Instead of going with the 3rd person view of Transworld Surf, they went with an isometric view, and switching to 1st person when you hit R2 to tube ride.

The graphics are pretty basic, which is fine with me, it's the gameplay that's important, but the tubes look crappy when you're tube riding in 1st person, and you have to keep your eyes on the little bar [that you have to keep centred] to stay in the tube the entire time so you can't really even look around while in a barrel. And apparently there are night and morning sessions available in the full game with different weather conditions, so that might add some variety. There are also 5 different breaks available in the full game so that might give more variety with regard to different types of waves, with reallybig waves at Waimea Bay being an example.

Another disappointing element is that the waves, and your surfer, move so fast, which is really unrealistic and makes the pace a little too quick, so you can't really just sit back and enjoy the ride. And there's no paddling around to find a good wave, they're all identical, you just hold and release X every time another identical wave comes through. Too much emphasis on just racking up points in my opinion, although the "Free Mode" might be a mode where you can just ride waves just to have fun without the distracting score element, but that's not available in the demo so I haven't tried it.

It feels a little like Olli Olli with the simplified graphics, although not quite at that basic level, but still not quite where it should be on the PS4. The lighting and detail should be waaay better, I really wanted those tubes to look beautiful

It's releasing in about 3 weeks, on 29 August, for R191,20 on pre-order with PS+. Think I'm gonna buy it, even if it's only because I'm desperate for a surf game on my console...

The demo's only like 1.5Gb, so maybe someone wants to try it out and give their impressions?