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Thread: WoW as a Local eSport - Interest Survey 2.0

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    Default WoW as a Local eSport - Interest Survey 2.0

    I would like to find out from the local WoWers if there is any interest in South African WoW (Arena or even the new format of Mythic+ races) tournaments.
    Here is a survey that I would like to have as many people as possible complete so that we can see if there is or isn't interest in WoW as a local eSport.
    Please take a look - it will only take a few minutes of your time to complete.
    Feel free to spread the survey between any South African communities you may be a part of (if you are in a South African guild or know people that play but aren't on the group). The more responses we get, the further we can push it!
    Thank you!

    PS: I know this is a double thread - but I have not received enough responses to take this further. This is my last attempt to see if there is interest.
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    Great idea! But WoW is a very difficult game to make big with regards to competitive eSports. Most people who play wow are casual players who explore and quest. With a hand full that focus mainly on Arena and Raids. But if this does happen, I would love to be a part of it!

    Completed the survey and looking forward to seeing what happens.
    I have however not seen you post on MyBB, MyG or carb though?

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