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Thread: Replacing a graphic card

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    Default Replacing a graphic card

    Replacing a graphic card

    Hi. I need some assistance please. I had an Nvidea GT43 1GB 128bit DDR3 graphic card that is faulty and need to replace it. Use the PC mostly for work but some times for gaming when I have spare time at weekends when nothing is on dstv. Looking at the internet I get mix info wrt what specs to look for as I’m not a boffin on computer stuff.

    I have an ECS GT41T R3 Motherboard, Intel R Core (YM) 2 CPU 2.13GHZ Processor and 4 Gig RAM. I know the slot is a PCI express slot. Phoning around I was given the following options ranging between R 1000 to R 2 000. It must have a HDMI and a VGA port. Not all specs could be supplied by the salesman.

    MSi GeForce GT 710 2Gb R 720
    MSI GeForce GT 730 2GB Gddr3 128bit R 1 200
    MSI GeForce GT 730 4GB GddR3 128bit R 1500
    MSi GeForce GT 1030 2GB DDR3 64bit R 1 670
    Radeon RX 550 2GB 128bit R 1 935
    Radeon R7 250 4GB Gdd3 R 1 584
    NVidia Geforce GT 740 2GB Gddr5 128bit R 1 865

    Getting this info I’m more confused than ever. Between this what would be a good option and that will fit on the motherboard without buying more specs than the PC specs can handle. Thanks in advance.

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    The cheapest option would be the best option in this situation I would think, you won't be able to game much either way.

    I'm also pretty sure you can get a second hand card for cheaper and that is better than the options you were given.
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    I'm gonna say go with the geforce 1030. Here is a link to wootware and the zotac 1030. You can save about R300.

    I'm hesitant to even recommend this card given how old your hardware is but if you are not expecting wonders then I'd say this card would be your best fit at R1250.
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