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Thread: State of Decay 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarGod ZA View Post
    Bro, something is wrong with your stuff.

    I click on game and it downloads and plays without issues.
    It's weird, every other game downloads just fine.
    I didn't have any issues with FH4 on Xbox (although the pc version finally finished after a few hours) quantum break was also smooth and full speed.

    When I try to dl this game, it slows down my pc so much that it stutters. No other game/download did that before, just this game. Seems I'm not the only one who has this problem, I just can't find a fix.

    Im going to try it on a different pc and console and see what happens.

    Edit: forgot I downloaded it on my dad's console yesterday (we game share) and it downloaded fine.
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