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    If it's any consolation Subnautica is currently not playable past about 3 hours on the Xbox at the moment. Resource bug prevents resources from spawning. Fix is apparently on the way very shortly. Great game - performance definitely improved over the various iterations of it. If you had the preview build - delete it and reload the retail release.

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    thanks. Glad i haven't downloaded the retail version yet then. looking forward to building a great base with a view of leviathons. but not near enough to annoy them and get wrecked.

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    There was a vid on youtube that exploits a bug in the game that let's you clear an area of leviathans... Used it to clear a volcanic trench on the seafloor..

    1) Basically let the leviathan charge you while you charge the stasis gun
    2) When he's close enough to you + the seabed shoot his head and freeze him
    3) While he's frozen build a multipurp room inside his character model (takes a while for it to turn green finding the right angle so you can build it)
    4) Once you manage to get it green, build it
    5) Poof! Leviathan gone
    6) Profit

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