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Thread: Join Fortnite south Africa Discord Server

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    Thumbs up Join Fortnite south Africa Discord Server

    Sup people!
    Are you looking for some serious teammates to start a great team with?
    Or do you wanna meet and play with other players for some casual fun? This is your place!

    We have Fortnite channels and channels for other games you guys play like
    Dota, CSGO and many more...

    For PC,ps4 and Xbox players
    SupaDeath Community
    Made special ps4 and Xbox channels, less populated but feel free to join

    Microphone/headset for voice communication.

    Fortnite Requirements:

    18+ in age and a kd of 1.0 or higher

    Come join and lets have some fun together.

    New link Generated for the Discord Server
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused
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