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Thread: Xbox 360 RPGs/JRPGs

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    Default Xbox 360 RPGs/JRPGs

    Selling some Xbox 360 RPGs and Jrpgs, if interested lemme know.

    Star Ocean The Last Hope - R200
    Magna Carta 2 - R250
    Resonance of Fate - R150
    Infinite Undiscovery - R200
    Nier - R200
    Enchanted Arms - R150
    Lost Odissey - R300
    Eternal Sonata - R200
    Fable 2 - R100
    Kingdom Under Fire Circle of Doom - R200
    Tales of Vesperia - R300
    Final Fantasy XIII-1 + Final Fantasy XIII-2 = R180 (R100 each if separated)
    Blue Dragon - R300
    The Last Remnant - R250
    Phantasy Star Universe - R150
    Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts - R150

    *Take all as a bundle for R2000.
    *Buy any 4 and get free postage to your postnet of your choosing.

    Postage is an option via Postnet for R100.

    Any questions please ask.

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