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    Hi all,

    So, last year, near the end of 2017 - I extended an offer to a community on Facebook (specifically XBoxPlayersSA) where I said to them;

    Anyone in Cape Town who doesn't have internet connection or slow internet connection is welcome to bring their consoles to my place and I will sort you out by doing all the downloads on your console.

    I ended up sorting out about 20 people over 4/5 weeks and eventually, it got quiet and the post on their Facebook page vanished - only now and again does someone ask to come visit.

    I've recently upgraded to 200MB Fibre with RSAWEB and would like to use this line speed to everyone's benefit.


    1. If you live in Cape Town.
    2. If you have a console be it XBOX ONE or PS4 (I'm not going to do PC's for now)

    I am willing to do your downloads for you. #PayItForward

    There are some conditions (and I learnt hard the last time)

    1. First come first serve.
    2. You can't rush me - last time I said I'd take a day, and for whatever reason, it would take 2 - you do not get pissy and start throwing your toys! Basically, I'll call you when it's done.
    3. You drop your console off in a nice bag, with your contact details included, the power cables included and 1 controller - I will be doing the updates via LAN so I also need your special password so if the console locks, I can unlock it obviously.
    4. You understand that I do it 1 console at a time (1 person at a time)
    5. Make sure your disk installations are done (so if you have it on disk, that installation is complete) because I don't want any disks.

    Terms and Conditions will change accordingly as I see fit, but the basics are there obviously.

    PM me or join my Discord (URL below) and we can chat.

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