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Thread: LG OLED TV Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by SauRoN View Post
    As always you were on the money @KenMasters.

    Problem is gone using the Xbox for Netflix without Dolby Vision.

    So I'm guessing Ozark is just presented in the newer profile not yet supported by the TV as I haven't seen it on anything else.
    It's an annoying quirk of DV. I had to watch the second season of Stranger Things on the LG app rather than the Apple TV 4K because of the brightness pops - thankfully hasn't been an issue for me outside of that programming.

    Hopefully just teething problems, in the same way BD players needed regular updates to cater for new titles initially. I don't think it's a case of the programming using a newer profile, but rather Dolby catching up to content authored in a way that produces unexpected results and updating their libraries accordingly. No matter how robust you think your system is, people will make use of it in ways you didn't foresee. It's apparently already a lot less of an issue than it was last year.
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