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Thread: Limit download speed during peak hours on shared internet connection

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    Default Limit download speed during peak hours on shared internet connection

    Evening all,

    So, recently moved to a commune, with a 20Mbps fibre line. Being a commune, 8 people are connected to it, which translates to some downloading torrents 24/7. We would like to split the available bandwidth from 17:00 until say 23:00 evenly, and after 23:00 it can be a free for all so people can download to their hearts content.

    Any recommendations for an affordable router that can do this?

    Would something like this work:

    We would need wifi, but I suppose we could always use the existing wifi router for that, as long as the new router can apply the bandwidth constraints.

    Would appreciate any input.

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    The mikrotek will be fine, quite fidgety to set up if not too familiar with networking but it'll do the job,

    Check that your current router doesn't have any similar features already (netgear routers usually have very good bandwith management options as well) maybe just throttle ftp traffic?

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