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    Default Unexpected bonuses

    Have you ever bought second hand games and had an unexpected bonus when there is something unexpected with it?

    Have had this three times that I can remember

    Bought Alice: Madness Returns (for R60 bucks nogal) and was pleasantly surprised to find that the DLC for the original game was unused.

    Bought the Getaway on ps2 and found that the cover contained 2 discs of the game. Thought at first it was a two disc game but nope (I may still have that second disc, should probably look and give it away).

    Last of us had unused code for the Left behind DLC

    Here and there, there have been small bits of unused DLC (items etc) but nothing like those above. Anybody else every have nay unexpected bonuses?

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    Mines a bit different
    When I got my first PS3 back in the day, I didnt check the box properly and bought PES2009 separate as my first game.
    When I put the box in the boot I noticed the sticker showing that the console came with NFS pro Street and 2 blurays. Was quite a nice suprise

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    two occassions stand out,

    PS1 days, bought Destruction Derby from look and listen in Pav, got home opened it up, and it had a Demo Disc , around 5 playable games, LOST MY ****

    Ps2 days, when i bought my console, , box said only Demo disc included but i got Gran Trusimo and a memory card with it, LOST MY SHOT 2.0.

    a few DLC codes here and there on ps3 second hand games, enough to make me smile , alas still waiting for LOST MY **** take place
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