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Thread: DSTV issues

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    Default DSTV issues

    Any clever people out there who can help

    We have two dstv boxes. I honestly have no idea what packages we are on. But both of them are set up in the lounge. One the shiny old pvr system is supposed to be for the lounge tv and the grey old box is the one in the parentals bedroom.

    Currently the issue is this:
    Both the lounge and bedroom tv seems to be only working of one channel aka both remotes controls the pvr box. The other one nothing happens - even when you make sure that both remotes are on different channels. The one in the lounge is channel one (TV one what ever its called) And the bedroom is channel 2.

    Now my dad controls the remote in the bedroom and when he adjusts the volume it goes up on both tvs
    How do we fix it?

    I have tested and played around, it seems that the grey dstv decoder is not connected to the tv in the bedroom - nor to the tv in front and neither remotes is having any effect on the grey decoder.

    And the parental has decided he doesnt want a proper tech to come into the house.

    crappy quality photo sorry

    Shows the 2 decoders
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