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Thread: Thnking of relocating and looking for a better life and I need your best advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strifehart View Post
    I'm talking about software developers. Project Managers are a dime a dozen.

    Agile/Scrum is not going to last very long. We're already dropping a lot of the functions since it's unnecessary impediments that stop us from actually being "agile", ironically.
    Sorry OP if going off topic but I'd think this is quite a interesting point and I'd like to hear some guys' opinion who are in the Software industry.
    I created this separate thread

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    You are humble and I respect you immensely for that. There are so many trail based (free) services online. You literally need a computer, internet connection and a debit/credit card (for auth purposes). Self training, screwing around (building/breaking). You can get a whole lot of exposure to different products, technologies as well as different parts of infrastructure from these two alone:

    Donwload this and build a domain with a single multirole server, a windows workstation and a linux server and get them all to work together in a hybrid domain. You can even apply for a BizSpark account and revceive R2500 p/m for 3 years towards Azure infrastructure for your "business".

    180 days Server 2016 free evaluation license - same with most Microsoft products

    If you know what you are talking about (not reciting) during an interview then the battle is already 60% won. Good starting project: Pick your fav multiplayer game and use hosted infrastructure azure/aws to host your own game server, it might sound stupid and basic but that alone will expose you to quite a few infra components. Seeing the value in what you are doing and enjoying the end product is key. People who recite textbooks are the people that have no interest in what they are doing and are usually the guys that spend the rest of their careers as seat warmers in a wintel tier 2 role.

    Instead of paying for courses do this: Someone a while back had series 800 cisco router up for sale, think it was for R500 or something. Buy it and replace your current router with that one (dont use the web interface). Will be the most worthwhile R500 you have spent on self improvement (and you will have a really awesome piece of kit that will last you forever).

    Find out what interests you.
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    Don't go do extra courses. You will waste your time and money.

    You cant be a generalist when looking for a specialist job, what sets you apart? Changing careers is also not so easy, so saying things like "maybe I should do marketing" etc etc isn't always the best way to look at things.

    Use LinkedIn extensively but professionally, connect with like minded leaders in your field in SA and ask the if they are looking for anyone.

    About me: let's just say I know something about hiring technology professionals...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5NAKE View Post
    Good day fellow Sagamers.

    I usually dont post this kind of thread but unfortunately the last few years of my life things has not been going well for me due to family issues and not enjoying my current job anymore since my CTC salary is too low and theres no growth opportunities for me of where I am and been looking for a decent opportunity job thats in a corporation zone here in JHB for the last 2+ years, been through alot of interviews from Sandton, Rosebank, Edenvale, Randburg, Pretoria, Fourways and Centurion which all have been unsuccessful, which is either random excuses, people of companies or HR mostly do not give me any decent feedback whatsoever.

    Example 1. Thank you so sorry to inform you, I was told yesterday that this position has been placed on hold.

    Example 2. After careful consideration I regret to inform you that on this occasion we have decided not to progress your application any further.

    Example 3. Apologies for the delay. There has been some restrucuturing in the IT department and as such, there isn't any immediate need for anyone.

    Been dressing up very nicely, been ready for anything, sell yourself and try and be professional as possible when interacting with interviews and followed Dos and Donts for interviews and yet still cant get hired.

    I do have a have Matric Certification, Information Technology Engineering from CTI Education Group and 10+ years of IT experience. Have my own car and have police clearance certificate.

    Question is should I start doing more courses to get more Certification for IT in order to increase of my getting hired or should I searching for jobs overseas such as Malta or London and found that job over there instead?

    I do love my gaming and I am a trophy hunter as you can see my sig but unfortunately life is also important and I like to change in order to make things better for me.

    Please feel free to give me some advice regards about it.
    Sorry I missed the whole thread (a forumite linked to it on a chat and I haven't been on the forum for a while).

    We currently have a vacancy in IT, but it would help knowing what specifically you do, what your desired salary would be and if you would be open to sharing your contact details with recruiters?
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