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Thread: Xbox One - issues connecting to wireless network

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    Default Xbox One - issues connecting to wireless network

    Hi guys, hoping you can assist me.

    On initial set up of my One S, I connected to my wireless network with no issues and connect to Xbox Live and the store etc.

    This morning, after booting up the console I note that it was disconnected from Live and noted that it it can’t find my wireless network when searching for it. My SSID is not hidden, but it can’t be for me when setting up a wireless connection.

    What should I do? Any assistance would be appreciated.

    Also, please add me as a chommie; my tag is EbletZA


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    Your wireless is running on Channel 12 or 13 which isn't supported in the US and the Xbox is a Trump supporter.

    1. Correct your country on Access Point so that it's limited to 1-11 channels.


    2.Stop using "Auto" for channels and select on between 1 - 11. You can use Homedale to do a channel scan of your area and use the least used one.

    You probably have it set to Auto and when the router reboots it does a channel scan and this time it chose one that the Xbox can't see.
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