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Thread: Moving from Mac to PC

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    Default Moving from Mac to PC

    Question for any peeps who have moved from Mac to PC lately...

    So I've been using Mac OS for about 11 years now (only on my second machine now which is in year 8... talk about longevity) , much longer than I've ever used Windows.

    I'm in a bit of a position as new macbook prices are ludicrous... looking at about R38 000 for a low end 15" macbook pro. Tried the 13" but as many people have said, size matters, especially when dealing with an extra 2".

    My question (and please no apple bashing, this is not the point of this thread) is for people who have found themselves in the same position as me... being forced to go back to a windows machine due to price.

    Was the change easy? Or do you have regrets about not forking out the extra cash and getting a new mac...?

    I'm currently using a windows desktop, but a lot of the features (spotlight and hot corners in particular) I've grown accustomed to are not native on windows, and I'm struggling a bit. I also feel like finding any settings are a struggle

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    Is Linux an option? In my experience (software jobs), most devs I worked alongside were either on the Apple bandwagon, or Dell+Linux combos.

    The XPS is a beautiful machine, but again, quite pricey locally.

    Also, have a look see if you can't buy an older MacBook from USA and ship via something like Aramex Global Shipper. You can save a decent amount on a late-2016 or mid-2017 model, for example.

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    Search Everything is a useful search tool for Windows but it does not seem as comprehensive as Spotlight.

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    Default Moving from Mac to PC

    There's also a tiny freeware app called 'Saver Starter' by Brian Apps that will give you the hot corner functionality.

    PS I'm in the process of moving in the other direction (13 inch + external monitor) - good luck - windows 10 is OK but it's not MacOS by any stretch of the imagination.
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