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Thread: Gaming Release Calendar for the remainder of the year

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    Post Gaming Release Calendar for the remainder of the year

    I was planning my spending on new games for the rest of the year due to being on a budget. I found it really frustrating to try and navigate different websites to try and find when games I was interested were releasing.

    So I made a Google Calendar and thought I'd share it with anyone interested.

    The calendar does, however, miss a few smaller titles that were difficult to get the release dates for. But I'm confident that most of the bigger and more interest-driving games are covered. All easily accessible via a calendar view.

    I'm sure there are games I've missed that you might feel need to be added, and I'll try and update with as many as I can. I'll also try and keep this calendar as updated as possible as new release dates are announced for games on here. I've been keeping it as up to date as possible for the past 2 months, so should be able to keep to that statement.

    Link to Public Google Calendar

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