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Thread: Servicing OG PS4

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    My OG PS4 like everyone else has been sounding like a jet engine since launch but I decided to open it up for the first time because it old. This is the OG PS4 I preordered from CNA when PS4 launched in SA. Back then only 1 PS4 game was available Killzone Shadow fall so it's about 5 years old and never been opened I've just always wiped and hoovered the dust off it.

    Opened it up this past weekend and saw that apart from the fact that it was dirty inside which is to be expected I also see looks like the new games are really taking a toll on my OG PS4 as I saw a piece of the plastic actually started melting Also the PSU is giving off sort of a burned smell and I'm guessing it's because the APU is getting so hot then that hot air is pushed though the PSU through the back of the console.

    After the new thermal paste nice cleaning it still sounds very loud while playing the Blackout beta and Onrush.

    Wonder if it will even last another year though but it's been so good to me. Any OG PS4 owners out there you might want to open it up and service it because it catches quite a lot of dust and starts getting really hot in the new games it's melting the plastic.

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