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Thread: Running One Axxess Acount on Two Different Telephone Lines Simutlaneously?

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    Default Running One Axxess Acount on Two Different Telephone Lines Simutlaneously?

    Hi all. I recently replaced my old router at home with an newer router and took my old router to my mom's place and replaced her ancient router. Before I had a chance to go into the router settings, to change my saved Axxess username + password to her Axxess username + password the PC was already connected to the internet and my phone connecting via WIFI, just as if it were at my place. At the moment the new router is on and connected in my place, while I am online right now, at my mom's place, using the old router from my place. So, basically, both the internet at my place and at my mom's place are running off of the same Axxess username/account instead of two separate accounts like they usually do. This has made me wonder then: Is there a reason why me and her need to have two separate Axxess accounts, or can one account be used on both numbers?

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    If I'm not mistaken they allow you to have concurrent sessions. So you basically share the account. There just needs to be an active landline and adsl line.

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