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Thread: Cayenne Closed down

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    Quote Originally Posted by qorw View Post
    Yup, I'm one of those upset (putting it mildly) 2014 Zero DS electric motorcycle has been standing at the Cayenne Cape Town branch for almost a year now. 20 Months after I bought it, the DC-DC converter failed (2nd time) and had to be replaced under warranty in Nov 2017, but Cayenne (under instruction from Zero USA) decided to update the BMS firmware which failed spectacularly! They then had to replace the BMS (which took 6 weeks), then replace the battery since some cells had died due to failed BMS (which cost them R90k and took 3 months to arrive since the idiots shipped it to Durban, then JHB and finally to Cape Town) and then the new BMS and Battery did not communicate with the Main board so that also had to be replaced! At the end of august they eventually tried to return the bike too me but since it only charged to 88% everytime on the new battery (and ended the charge cycle with a flashing dashboard crash) I took it back again in September and told them to give back my money, I didn't want this electric motorcycle sh2t anymore!!! BUT THEN THE IDIOTS WENT BELLY-UP BEFORE THEY COULD REFUND ME!!!
    Anyways, so for the past two weeks I have been fighting with the liquidator's assistant to release the bike to me rather than have it lost in the liquidation (after all, WesBank technically owns it and I still have to pay WesBank for the vehicle finance until 2021!) BUT YESTERDAY THEY TELL ME THEY CANT RELEASE THE BIKE, ITS LYING IN THE WORKSHOP IN PIECES!!! Looks like Cayenne was harvesting parts from it for another customer's (also Zero DS) warranty claim since his parts had not yet arrived!!
    I mean really!? These people are unbelievable crooks and should all be jailed!!!
    That's super bad luck dude. I also bought a 2014 Zero DS from them last year. Super happy with the bike. I've done 27000km on no maintenance done. Even the brake pads and tires are still 100%. It does seem that they were grossly overcharging for parts. I am looking for parts now and I can import them from Zero dealers shipping to my address included for a 1/3rd of the price. I've been talking to Zero as well and they are a bit in the dark on this one. Hence going to a dealer straight and ordering the parts helped me. Fixing it yourself is also relatively easy through the online manual. Challenge will getting the electronic gremlims fixed.

    Hope you don't have to sell parts to try and recoup your money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SLeKie View Post
    That's super bad luck dude....

    Hope you don't have to sell parts to try and recoup your money.
    Happy ending for me Guys!! Zero finally bought the bike back from me, so Wesbank finance is settled and I have deregistered it. Now its Zero and the Liquidator's problem as to what to do with it and/or the parts.

    SLeKie, I wish you lots more trouble free kay's on yours and hope you can continue to import parts easily.

    NB NB DONT do the firmware updates!! They are potentially more trouble than what they are supposed to be worth.

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