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Thread: Overkils:The Walking Dead is actually damn Good

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    Default Overkils:The Walking Dead is actually damn Good

    Most franchise games turnout to be virtual turds, short, lame and have nothing to do really with the franchise. Which is normally the case with most of them if not all of them.
    That's why Overkill's The Walking Dead is breath of fresh air. It doesn't copy the story, nor does it try to play like the tv show. What it does do is try something different. Yes it does use the Left 4 Dead formula, of which we all know works but what they've done here is boost it up 100 fold, by giving you more to do beside just run from A to B and survive. The OTWD has some of the most believable visual for a world setting that you really feel invested in this world but besides the visual and gore the game has a lot going for it with the one main difference from L4D and this is, is that here stealth plays a big part in the gameplay. Guns and ammo are plentiful, but you need to use them sparingly as make to much noise and the hordes will come making life very difficult for you and your team.
    Yes there are weapon upgrade like suppressors but they don't last very long and break leaving you making a lot of noise which attracts the hordes as well as any human enemy that may be in the area.

    Overkill's The Walking Dead also changes things up in that not every map will be a get from A to B which includes story objectives but also will include defense stages. You see as I said before this game isn't as simple as Left 4 Dead because you will eventually create a home base which you have you needing to defend it from waves of the undead as well as having the objective of repairing the gate to keep the hordes out, but having all the gates open at once and to many zombies enter the base will lead to a mission failure. To survive these types of missions does require team work and communication and more so than any other game in this style.

    The neat thing that has you coming back for is that this game has more going for it. It has a reason to play over and over again. OTWD some cool RPG elements added to you the game play. You see each character has different abilities, be it lock picking, or having the tools to cut fences to open different paths or disable traps and all these skills can be upgraded by looting the world for parts. You will also rescue survivors during your missions which is random and by getting them to safety not only do you get to add them you your base but you also get to send them out into the world to scavenge for supplies. On top of this using the loot you collect in the maps can also be used to upgrade your base and that unlocks new abilities to use, which all adds some cool incentive to keep playing and I'm not saying this because the game is boring and it's the only reason to play. No, no this game is surprisingly far more addictive than I'd like to admit.

    Finally I'd just like to say that if you have been pondering on whether you should get this game but enjoy coop games or Left 4 Dead games then I say don't think twice. Buy it now and try the beta which ends phase two tomorrow and the phase 3 starts next weekend and includes 2 more maps. If its not for you, you can just refunded but at only R329 it's a stupid steal for us in South Africa because the rest of the world has to pay $50 for it which I still feel its well worth the AAA price tag.
    Yesterday Starbreeze also announced that the game will have no microtransactions and that season 2 will be completely free to owners of the standard as well as the Deluxe Edition owners and Season 2 is no slouch when it comes to content as they announced what it will include in the live stream.
    Checkout the video below and please do give it a try as it is a lot of fun to play.

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