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R699 and in my cart... hoping it is easy to get Netflix onto it...

Stupid Takealot, payment systems down (great start to BF at 6am!) ... had to use my Discovery Miles.
So far so good, was very easy to setup and Dstv on demand works quite well, which was my primary reason for buying.

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I'll repeat my question from the other Android TV thread here.

Which Netflix APK did you side load?

I tried the versions 5.0 and 5.1 I've seen around here, but it doesn't work. It tells me there is a newer version.

I'm currently using a modified 4.0 Ninja version, and the app even shows on the home screen without having to use a special side load channel app. I'm getting 1080p but I don't seem to get DD5.1. Is there a version of the app where DD5.1 works?
Have not ventured down this path yet... but will likely need to this weekend.

My question however, is what is the best app to use if I simply want to access media from a DLNA server on my network? I don't really want to have to install and try several options if others have a favourite reliable option to recommend.

Thanks in advance.