Random Select 4: The Fourth Dimension is happening this coming December 1st!

This time the featured games will be Dragonball FighterZ and Tekken 7, both with a prize pool of R2000 - R1500/300/200 split.

We're going to be back at the lab we used at UWC for the first Random Select last year.

Tournament entry fee is R40. A single payment of R40 gets you into both tournaments, so you can play in both for a single price. This fee just helps us a bit with covering the venue costs. You can enter the venue for free, so anybody can come watch you kick some ass

We're also going to have a bring and play area, for you guys that don't play T7 or DBFZ, where you can bring some setups along and hang out with the rest of the FGC. We've done so much Tekken this year and also some DBFZ at the beginning of the year, but the obviously FGC is more than just those two games. We can't always support all of them for tournies but that doesn't mean that we can't celebrate the games we love with people that enjoy playing them. The bring and play area is free so yeah, feel free to come chill out!

We'd like to try and fit in some exhibitions, preferably for non-tourney games, as well. If not the day before than sometime prior to/after the tournament, we'll think about possible interesting exhibs as we go along.

Matches are going to be streamed, as usual, we're still working out the best solution for getting both games maximum stream time - it is likely that we'll stream one game on the Twitch and another on the YT, and then towards top 6/8 or we'll do everything on the Twitch.

Tournament is mainly on ps4 with one or two pcs available for people with "unconventional" devices. If you use any converters, please test it well before the day and bring it along, we don't have any converters on standby.

Pre-registration helps out a ton - if you do plan on attending, please register using the challonge links provided.

TEKKEN 7 - https://challonge.com/RS4T7
DBFZ - https://challonge.com/RS4DBFZ

RS4 happening on Dec 1 @ 11am
Tournament is mainly on ps4. Bring a tested converter if you use one.
Double Elim, FT2 up to winners/losers and grand finals, which are FT3.
Tournament entry is R40 - gets you into both games.
Bring and play area is free, play whatever you want.
No really, actually pre-register.

Finally, if you aren't following us on some of the socials already, please consider a follow on any of these:
Twitter - https://twitter.com/SA_FGC
Instagram - http://instagram.com/southafricanfgc
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/c/SAFGC
Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/southafricanfgc