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You can pass RGB 4:4:4 at 4k (if you want to use your TV as a monitor, though not recommended with an OLED) but not in Ultra HD.

A 9ch AVR will be upwards of R30 000. In the AV world 50k will not get you the best, but it will get you into the upper bracket of the larger AVR brands (I would suggest going with Denon or Marantz, since they offer the best room compensation systems at that price). If you're spending money on a proper AVR you need to bear in mind the cost of decent speakers if you want to do the purchase justice.

The most cost effective and potentially best sounding solution in a smaller room is to buy good bookshelf speakers and pair them with a good sub (preferably two). The bookshelves should either come with Atmos modules fitted or optional Atmos modules. Of course at this point you might also want to consider simply adding proper in ceiling Atmos speakers (enabled are good for low, reflective ceilings, otherwise in-ceiling speakers should be considered).

What bookshelf options you have are limited to Atmos offerings if you want to go the Enabled route (bounce off ceiling) and vary in price, many nice offerings in the segment, for the full layout you're approaching or exceeding the cost of the AVR. (EDIT: satellites are an option, but the only quality enabled ones I'm aware of are the Focal Sib Evos, but you mentioned to me that they're not available in S.A. If you go the in-ceiling route, that opens up your satellite options e.g. KEF E301).

A proper sub is one that can reproduce sound down to around 20Hz linearly, SVS is considered to offer the best bang for buck. You're looking at a starting price of around R14 000.
Solid advice. The AV forums have some gems going at really decent prices now and again. Also, a very helpful crowd for advice.