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    Question She-ra Netflix

    I saw it pop up a while ago and today I watched the first 2 episodes. Here are my initial impressions.

    Origin: they are cutting the He-man universe out of this one. Sad as the potential to revisit He-man would have been nice. It also would have given the Horde its origin as well as Adoras. She is still found as an orphan and she did become a force commander in the first episode but instead of He-man giving her the sword she finds it in the forest.

    Animation quality is good. It's not Avatar quality of animation but I feel a hint of it. The initial setup for the horde felt like it was properly done with the recruits being taught who the enemy is. However the first meet between Adora and the rebels felt near comical. Clearly not meant for the crowd of yesteryear but rather for a new and younger audience. Towards the end of the 2nd episode it is pretty clearly defined that Adora is not going back as her friend Catara back off and flees with the other horde soldiers.

    So I love the new style, the origin story isnt too bad, the characters are comical. However I feel as if there is something under the coating of the presentation. I don't know what it is but I don't like it. Maybe its just not meant for anyone who watched the original show.
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