Good day fellow members.

So as the title states, I am looking for someone to please help me out in doing a favour, that is if you own both of the above?
My wife, being an avid pokemon Go player, is in need of some special pokemon called Meltan. Now in order to get more Meltans, as they are not yet readily available in Pokemon Go, is to send pokemon from your Go Game to the let's Go game. in return, you will be awarded with a mystery box that contains these Meltan characters. She is a pay to win player and spends money on the game, so I'm sure the person willing to help will be compensated.

Alternatively, if someone has a switch I can borrow for a week, that might also work, I'll just go buy the game and do what is necessary, the person who loans out his/her Switch can keep the game provided they do the transfer each week.

I'm sure this is a long shot, but let's see

Cheers and thanks