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Thread: 55n3000uw firmware update

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdrianH View Post
    Hi, yes I can, but be careful, installing the incorrect firmware will break your tv. Why do you want my version? Did you try installing firmware from ZA site? (EU version, set region to UK. Also lose SHowmax app)

    Also, read these two threads, has some info on firmware upgrades.
    The sa firmware doesnít work or rather the procedure or steps to follow ,nothing happens when I follow them Iíve tried so many times nothing happen even using different usb.ive given up the tv just switches on displays the hisense logo then the smart tv logo then itís on nothing relating to software update appears.

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    Try below. Also, the ZA firmware may need renaming. I can't remember, but it may be a zip file renamed to PKG. So try renaming back to zip and opening. If this doesn't do much, just ensure its name is update.pkg


    How to prepare the flash drive.

    1. Insert the USB into a computer and open it as a folder view.

    2. In the side menu select the USB and right click

    3. Select the format option and it will open a sub


    4. In the sub menu, select the File system drop

    down menu and select FAT32.

    5. In the format options untick the option that says

    Quick Format.

    6. Click Start. Once completed the USB will be ready

    for the software to be loaded on.

    Please note FAT32 is only supported by drives below 32GB in size.

    Put the firmware file (update.pkg) file inside the flash drive as is. Don't put in in a folder.

    After that, you can go on and update the firmware via the following steps.

    Turn off TV. Insert flash drive with file (do not use sub-folders) into any USB port. Press and hold the remote control power button to turn on TV until you see 'Hisense' Logo followed by 'Updating Software'. Do not turn off (bricking risk I presume). Can take 5-15 mins during which TV may restart once or twice.

    Another side note is, use usb port 1. Its the usb port under the antenna port.

    Flashing the firmware should take between 5 and 10 minutes. Be patient,and don't touch press anything.

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