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Thread: iTunes to be released on Samsung TVs

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    Default iTunes to be released on Samsung TVs

    This one came from left field

    "Today, though, the two tech rivals have caught the world on the hop by announcing that they’ve reached a deal to bring iTunes to 2019 and (via a future software update) 2018 Samsung television sets.This startling new arrangement - the first of its kind in the TV world - will enable Samsung TV owners in more than 100 countries to access iTunes movies and TV shows (in 4K and HDR where available) from this spring. Even better, the iTunes integration is no mere ‘bolt on’; it will apparently work seamlessly with the smart content searching features of Samsung’s TVs, such as the Universal Guide and Samsung’s new Bixby voice recognition system."

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    sucks that it would only come to 2018 and 2019 tvs.

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