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Thread: MK11 or DOA6? (For console).

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    Default MK11 or DOA6? (For console).

    Just be aware I am a console gamer. I do not have a gaming PC. The PC I do have is barely good enough for standard office use.

    Now on to my question. Based on what you've seen so far, which game between Mortal Kombat 11 and Dead Or Alive 6 would be the better buy? And can you give some reasoning as to why you say so? I'm trying to decide which one of these to get. I've been a fan of both MK and DOA for many years now. Unfortunately I am not a rich person. Given what video games cost in our country now I usually end up having to choose one game of each type, because it's just too expensive for me to get multiple games of the same kind. Especially when you factor DLC into the mix, which ends up making games cost almost double their original amount. While I would love to get both MK11 and DOA6 I can only get one of them. Maybe I can get the other one in a couple of years time when it's on sale for R300 or something like that. For right now I can only get one of them. Which one do you guys think would honestly be the better buy?

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    Default MK11 or DOA6? (For console).

    I’ve preordered both on PS4.

    I think MK11 will have a bigger player base than DOA6.

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    Well considering no one here has played MK11 yet how could anyone say which one to buy?

    DOA6 has a full version beta releasing this Friday which will have 24 playable characters with online and offline training modes. The MK11 beta is sometime in March, play them both and then make a decision since they are very different fighting games.

    MK11 will have a bigger player base, some sponsorship talk going around for local tournaments as well.
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