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Thread: Tekken World Tour 2019 - brings the fight to Africa at Cape Town Showdown 7

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    Default Tekken World Tour 2019 - brings the fight to Africa at Cape Town Showdown 7 - TEKKEN World Tour 2019 Announcement


    Africa will see an official leg of the Tekken World Tour 2019 in Cape Town South Africa at Cape Town Showdown 7.

    Let’s let that sink in for a minute. Not only is one of South Africa’s oldest fighting games tournaments making a comeback but it’s coming back as a Tekken World Tour event. It’s going to be a huge step for the local community and it’s one they’re more than happy to take. As a community run event you can expect it to bring some incredible moments as always, but here’s all the information you need for now.


    Venue: Radisson Red Cape Town
    Date: 7-8 September 2019
    Player Cap: 256
    Prize: $1000
    Event Type: Tekken World Tour Challenger Event
    Registration: from the 20th of March 2019
    $5 Early Registration (20 March – 31 April)
    $10 Normal Registration (1 May – 31 June)
    $20 Late Registration (1 July – 31 August)
    $30 Last Chance Registration (1 September – 7 September)
    With the player cap and early registration, please ensure you get in there early. Not only does it mean a discount, you’ll help the organisers effectively plan to bring you the best experience possible.
    $1 for a 1-day pass
    $1.50 for a 2-day pass
    Please ensure you have your own PlayStation 4 compatible controller for this event. That means having your own controller, converter and/or headset should you require.
    There is a player cap, so make sure you register early.
    This isn’t all! Look out for more announcements at a later date.

    The South African Fighting Games Community has partnered up with Radisson RED Cape Town to ensure the best experience for this event. By making use of their four Event and Game studios, this prestigious tournament looks to be held in luxury. This might scare off any Melty Blood players, but the community is going all out to ensure they deliver a top quality event.

    Curious to know who is - The South African Fighting Games Community ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vura View Post
    Curious to know who is - The South African Fighting Games Community ??
    I'm on a WhatsApp group that contains of one of the organisers. There's 50-60 people on the group, but that includes some Kenyan and Zimbabwean fighting game (mostly Tekken) players too.

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