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Thread: Modern retro, the new orange

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawid22 View Post
    I think several Wii U and Vita games will fall into that category. It's already becoming tough to find some titles.
    maybe my collectors editions will be worth something someday so they aren't a total waste of space

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    One game that immediately jumps to mind is Judgement. One of the voice actors (whose likeness is also used in-game) was suspected to have used cocaine. Because of the strict anti-drug laws in Japan, the Western release has changed the voice actor and the 3D model of the character. Sales were suspended in Japan. I imagine they will patch this in the Japanese release too.

    The original, physical disc of the unaltered voice and character will surely go for big bucks.

    Article link:

    I cannot really think of other, current gen, releases which will be that collectible. I know you said "being able to play is different from being collectible" but the inability to play games *without* physically having something, does also add a lot to the collectibility. An example of this happening digitally is the Silent Hill PT demo which was removed. I heard Drive Club is going to be removed from the PS store so if you missed out, then the only way to play it would be to buy a disc version. This could *drive* the prices up.

    I think in a world where internet is becoming cheaper and definitive versions are usually digital only, not too many physical releases will become collectible. One thing I have noticed is that actual "Collector's Edition" games seem to be more frequent than ever, and they come with lots of physical stuff. These will surely be sought out, even if they are artificially limited in supply and stupidly priced.

    [edit]Thinking about it, if physical sales continue to decline and digital sales rise, wouldn't every physical release be potentially collectible?
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