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Thread: Elden Ring

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    Quote Originally Posted by Transformer09 View Post
    It was beautiful. I must say this is prob the first time in years since I've enjoyed a game 40+hours in. I usually tend to get bored after a while especially in open world type games but then again, this is a souls game and they just hit different.

    Great game so far, but nothing will ever beat Bloodborne as the best game ever made imo. (I know you cant compare the two as B is totally a different game and scenery, it just remains my fav souls game and I had to mention that lol )

    Excited to see what is next in Elden Ring after the lakes, but I want to explore the lakes a bit (North areas) and then I am going to try Caelid again before I go further after the lakes. Level 61 now so want to hit Caelid when I am around lvl 70
    Wait until you finish it and you can't find anything else that fills up the galaxy sized space Elden Ring occupied.

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