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You have to deal with both ISPs.

I cancelled with Cool Ideas and got Paul Butschi, the CEO & co-founder, to personally authorise my final month being negated in exchange for a 'cancellation fee' of the same amount. He can be found on MyBroadband as PBCool. Please don't name drop me or anyone else - just present your request out of the blue if you ever decide to. Make sure it's a line migration and not a cancellation, and insist on the line being migrated immediately. They did for me after some persuasion. Openserve has no restrictions on when ISPs can release lines, so don't let them pull that excuse.

Simultaneously, I applied for a new Pure Fibre contract with Afrihost. There wasn't much to the whole process other than checking in with Afrihost's WhatsApp support a few times to keep an eye on things. Which was just as well as there were some hiccups with the free months credit, and who knows if they would have migrated as soon as possible without some gentle prodding. But thanks to keeping a close watch, nothing went wrong.

Once the final invoice from CISP came through on 1 Aug, which they forgot to format as a 'cancellation fee' and needed to resend, I forwarded the PDF to Afrihost and received credit for the full amount shortly thereafter. At no point in the entire process was there any downtime, and the 100Mbps line reprovisioned at 200Mbps over a weekend late at night so I assume it's an automatic process (if that applies to you).
Thank you for the detailed explanation, really appreciated, will get in contact to migrate the line this afternoon, just have a meeting in a bit busy preparing kinda. Then get on Afrihost for the new account and stuff.